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Only about 10 15% of people who drink liquor ever become alcoholics, versus addiction rates of 80% or 90% for people who smoke.11 As an influential Canadian tobacco executive once confessed: smoking is not like drinking, it is rather like being an alcoholic.12The spectre of prohibitionAn objection commonly raised is: Hasn’t prohibition already been tried and failed? Won’t this just encourage smuggling, organised crime, and yet another failed war on drugs? That has been the argument of the industry for decades; bans are ridiculed as impractical or tyrannical. (First they come for your cigarettes.)13The freedom objection is weak, however, given how people actually experience addiction. Most smokers ‘enjoy’ smoking only in the sense that it relieves the pains of withdrawal; they need nicotine to feel normal.

“For under 10, you can enjoy a large bowl of soul warming pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) at Pho Viet on Parnell Street. Or walk a few minutes into the shadow of the Pro Cathedral, where you will find a warm, welcome and pocket friendly genuine Chinese food at M Sichuan. “The past few years have seen better value in casual dining, especially in Dublin where I’m based, though I’d still love to see more diverse sandwich options, like proper Vietnamese banh mi..

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