Would you like to honor and serve our nation’s veterans while adding revenue to your practice?

Zoeticx Veteran Services is aligned with a Veteran Affairs contractor, to build an independent network of healthcare providers to assist VA with one-time physical evaluations.

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If you are a physician and you are interested in participating in our program, please complete the sign-up form below. We will contact you shortly.

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What can physicians expect from Zoeticx Veteran Services?

  • VA Credentials

    Physicians obtain VA credentials to conduct physical examinations
  • One-time Exams

    The exams are one-time, non-treatment assessment
  • Secure Online Portal

    Exams are guided by VA questionnaires on a secure, online portal for efficiency
  • Your Schedule

    Set your own schedule
  • Support

    Complete guidance and support from our experienced team
  • Scheduled Payments

    Payments are bi-monthly

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