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Launch of Zoeticx software suite – Increase profits under ACA while diminishing medical errors

 SOFTWARE SUITE HELPS INCREASE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY PROFITS UNDER OBAMACARE WHILE DIMINISHING MEDICAL ERRORS Zoeticx®Improves Patient Outcomes by Bridging the Gap Between Medical Data and Patient Quality Care November 12, 2013 – San Jose, Calif.  – Zoeticx, Inc. today announced the launch of their healthcare industry software suite dedicated to improving patient outcomes, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and simplifying hospital administration. The suite of four software modules is designed for the new healthcare landscape ushered in by Obamacare and thechanges within the medical industry itself. The software will improve healthcare industry profitability by curtailing medical errors that cost the industry billions of dollars annually and reducing preventable deaths. Zoeticx champions these new government and industry paradigms through software innovation with a patient-centric approach.  The Zoeticx software suite resides on its Patient-Clarity collaboration platform. The suite is comprised of four modules: CareIntelligence, CareSynergy, CareHistory, and CareCompliance.

  • CareIntelligence features the Dynamic Patient Dashboard, an electronic replacement for the nurse’s flow sheet heavily relied upon in critical care environments.  CareIntelligence allows easy navigation through medical information with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to navigate every aspect of a patient’s clinical status with a single tap.  Information is presented in a time-correlated, insightful way for the best diagnosis and treatment.


  • CareSynergy offers the Dynamic Medical Messaging System, enabling better collaboration, communication, and follow through using software automation to minimize preventable medical errors. CareSynergy distributes patient-centered information at the right time, to the right care provider, for the right treatment.  It provides proactive notification, tracking, and escalation, optimizing collaboration, clinical handoffs, and workflow.


  • CareHistory includes Dynamic Data Services, offering care providers a single, consolidated view of current patient medical information and health history seamlessly, regardless of data source and without the risks of data duplication.


  • CareCompliance features Dynamic Policy Management, automating quality policy enforcement and helping to more cost-effectively manage compliance and documentation requirements. CareCompliance also provides quality controls and audit trails to enable continuous process improvement and better coordination of care.

These products are currently supported on iOS devices and engineeredusing the latest mobile, cloud, and SOA technology.Zoeticx’s solutions integrate with any EMR database, commercial or proprietary, and are available from the Apple Store. “We created Zoeticx by looking at these complex and life altering challenges hospitals face everyday from a uniquely IT based perspective,” said Thanh Tran, CEO of Zoeticx. “By applying some of the automation technology already used by other industries, but in a way specifically designed for the special needs of the healthcare industry, we know hospitals will save on resources and improvepatient outcomes, simply by allowing healthcare providers to focus what is most important, the patient.” “From a medical industry perspective, Zoeticx offers a real break-through,” said Howard Nearman, MD, MBA. “The Zoeticx collaboration platform addresses persistent issues in patient carethat previously have remained unresolved. Now with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the perfect storm has arrived to usher in real change and Zoeticx is in the right place, at the right timefor that realization.”

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About Zoeticx

Zoeticx offers software solutions for the healthcare industry which are dedicated to improving patient outcomes, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and simplifying administration. These solutions offer an immediate increase in the quality of care by delivering the right information to the right caregiver at the right time, in a manner that can be easily understood. Additionally, as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, healthcare providers will face new challenges which arise whenever there is a transition from an old system of doing business to a new one. Zoeticx helps solve those challenges, allowing care providers to focus on what is most important, the patient.

For additional information contact Glass Lantern PR at [email protected].