What We Do

Zoeticx focuses on preventive and behavioral care, leveraging CMS (Center of Medicare and Medicaid Service) reimbursements for Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management and Care Transition

Turnkey solutions for CMS care prevention initiatives

  • Zoeticx partners with care providers on preventive and behavioral health deliveries
  • Zoeticx supports healthcare payees initiatives to curb overall healthcare cost
  • Zoeticx streamlines care delivery to improve patient outcomes

Health Collaborative Ecosystem

  • Pro-active care collaborative system among care providers
  • Patient engagement with care providers’ tracking, monitoring and anticipation of patient medical condition changes
  • Quantified reports for care quality outcomes to all healthcare participants: patients, care providers and healthcare payees

How It Works

Zoeticx Patient-Clarity, healthcare middleware solution, addresses all infrastructure challenges so that Zoeticx applications focus on innovative solutions for healthcare

Leveraging existing health IT investments

  • Zoeticx applications are EHR-agnostics with capability to consolidate patient medical data from multiple sources, on-demand, near-time without data duplication
  • Zoeticx applications complement EHR system with bi-directional medical information supporting collaboration among care providers
  • Cloud deployment enables no upfront investment from care providers

Balanced benefits for all healthcare participants

  • Zoeticx applications improve patient outcomes with care providers’ ability to track, monitor and anticipate medical conditions
  • Zoeticx applications remove requirements for care providers’ upfront risks and investments
  • Zoeticx applications support shift from acute to preventive care to curb overall healthcare cost


Zoeticx delivers turnkey solutions with balanced benefits for patients, care providers and healthcare payees. The innovation is in the approach of Win-Win-Win for all healthcare participants.

Balanced approaches to all healthcare participants

  • Improving patient outcomes by ensuring all medical activities are informed, coordinated among participant care providers
  • Ensuring Net New Revenue for care providers with no upfront risks and investments for health IT solutions
  • Supporting trends to focus on preventive and population health to curb overall cost for healthcare payees

Health IT solutions capable to reach all established objectives

  • Innovative bi-drectional information flow supported by EHR-agnostics platform enables patient-centered care collaborative model
  • Zoeticx applications leverage cloud deployment and interoperability without data duplication to support no upfront investments from care providers
  • Zoeticx ability to cross multiple healthcare institutes provides unique approach for true patient-centered care collaboration


Our data architecture is based on-demand access to the most recent clinical data that is stored in EHR systems. It does not rely on data duplication, which supports existing security and HIPAA compliance standards

Care collaboration and interoperability without data duplication

  • No data duplication means no additional data centers, no additional cost for healthcare institutes
  • Leverage existing data security with EHR system
  • On-demand, near-time access with care providers’ control over shared data and patient consent for medical record access

Protecting patient privacy

  • Deployed EHR systems have already addressed HIPAA compliance.
  • Healthcare institutes have trained providers with patient privacy data protection through access and database duplicated patient records.
  • Through our data architecture of no data duplication, we leverage existing investments and do not increase cost while addressing EHR interoperability