Zoeticx Healthcare-Oriented-Architecture (HOA) single platform EHR Connectivity

Zoeticx Collaborative “Intelligent” Hub Server Unifies All Electronic Medical Records for Better Patient Outcomes

Healthcare Oriented Architecture Offers Medical Industry Single Platform for All EMR Connectivity

March 25, 2014; San Jose, Calif.Zoeticx, Inc., the developer of medical software that bridges the gap between medical data and quality patient care, today introduced a software architecture that provides ambulatory and non-ambulatory care facilities with a single platform for universal EMR connectivity. The platform is designed as the antidote to the lack of interoperability between proprietary (EMR) software deployed at most medical facilities.

Zoeticx’s Healthcare Oriented Architecture (HOA) is middleware software that enables medical institutions to seamlessly connect multiple EMRs, resulting in a convenient, consistent and universal view of patient records, regardless of where they reside. Zoeticx’s ‘push’ communication system is capable of sending notifications and alerts to specific care providers. The medical information uses built in escalation procedures to insure follow up.

In helping to insure superior care, medical emergencies require immediate data access and any change in a patient’s condition needs to be sent to the appropriate caregiver. Now it will be easier for an intensive care unit doctor to have instantaneous access to a patient’s clinical history. A primary care physician can monitor their patient’s hospital stay remotely and also have access to the patient’s discharge orders for better follow-up treatment.

Eliminates the Need for Data Duplication

Zoeticx’s HOA eliminates the need for any data duplication, an ideal alternative to the more cumbersome Health Information Exchange’s (HIEs) approach that requires on-going data duplication, synchronization and monitoring currency of the HIE data. Zoeticx gateways also enable medical facilities to avoid spending resources monitoring the software currency of multiple EMR vendors.

End to “Rip and Replace”

Most healthcare organizations choose a best of breed EMR that suits their needs, but often only results in creating data silos. Zoeticx bridges the gap between these heterogeneous systems. It effectively ends the costly practice of “ripping and replacing” duplicative IT systems when medical organizations consolidate.


Powerful Server Embodies HOA

The Zoeticx HOA resides within Zoeticx’s powerful Patient-Clarity server and can transparently connect to any EMR database. It is also the collaborative “smart” hub for Zoeticx’s suite of Care applications–CareIntelligence, CareSynergy, CareHistory and CareCompliance.

CareIntelligence replaces the nurse’s flow sheet and is the application that drives connectivity to EMRs. CareHistory enables data to be gathered from disparate EMRs and presented with a universal interface, solving the challenges of medical record reconciliation between different healthcare institutes using EMR systems from different vendors. CareSynergy distributes patient-centered information at the right time, to the right care provider, for the right treatment. CareSynergy provides proactive notification, tracking, and escalation, optimizing collaboration, clinical handoffs, and workflow.

“Today Zoeticx looks to solve EMR interoperability challenges with the Patient-Clarity server’s Healthcare Oriented Architecture that finally bridges the gap between medical records and quality patient care,” said Thanh Tran, Zoeticx Co-Founder and CEO. “We have now made it easier to access the information that allows caregivers to provide the best possible care.”

These products are engineered using the latest mobile, cloud, and SOA technology. Zoeticx solutions are available from the Apple Store.

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