Zoeticx was founded by veteran IT executives with the goal of creating a collaboration platform for the healthcare industry that would eliminate the gap between medical data and quality patient care.


To continuously improve the quality of patient care, curtail the ever increasing cost of medicine, and simplify healthcare administration.  To transform the healthcare landscape and champion new paradigms through innovation with a patient-centric  approach.  To inspire and challenge others to transform the industry by improving patient outcomes.


LEADERSHIP – We believe that we learn from each other, and it is our job to encourage each other to greatness.  We are leaders in our industry, demonstrating what lofty heights anyone can reach together as a team.
EXCELLENCE – Excellence manifests itself in everything we do, how we treat each other, and how we care for our customers.  We believe that good is not good enough, and while we may not always reach it, we strive for perfection.
HUMILITY – We leave our egos at the door’s threshold.  When we gather around a table, we are all equals regardless of our titles.  We encourage each other to participate, voice opinions, thoughtfully listen, and respectfully disagree; however, we do have a hierarchy for decision making, and when the decision is made, we then have one voice.