ProVizion Applications

Integrated Healthcare Platform

ProVizion Application Suite

Zoeticx ProVizion bridges medical and behavioral health services. Zoeticx ProVizion medical health service focuses on preventive care, covering Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management and Remote Physiologic Monitoring. The behavioral health service covers all treatment levels, Residential Treatment (RT), Intensive OutPatient (IOP) and OutPatient (OP), in compliance with CARF standard.

Zoeticx ProVizion extends medical access from traditional clinical facilities to mobile care units, reaching out to rural and under-served population.With Care Resource Planning capabilities, Zoeticx ProVizion creates a care collaborative environment among providers, scaling providers bandwidth with productivity and efficiency.

ProVizion Wellness

Zoeticx ProVizion Wellness addresses all CMS requirements for Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). Zoeticx ProVizion Wellness identifies eligible patients for AWV service. Zoeticx ProVizion Wellness improves care providers’ efficiency by removing all manual interventions and supports step-by-step wellness assessment guidance, reducing staff training.

Zoeticx ProVizion Wellness further assists care providers better manage the risk factors to medical disease mapping, personalized to individual patients. This capability further increases care providers’ revenue through follow-up visits and provides a seamless migration to further preventive care services such as Chronic Care Management and Remote Physiologic Monitoring.


ProVizion CCM

Chronic care management delivery challenges require new workflows for continuous non-face-to-face patient engagement, effective staff delegation and smart notification alerts to primary care providers.

Zoeticx ProVizion CCM capabilities go beyond CMS requirements to ensure successful CCM care delivery with positive financial impacts to providers.

  • Built-in management, coordination and collaboration among care providers and staff for scalability,
  • Streamlined process for other care providers to collaborate with primary care provider through chronic care plan,
  • Secured access for care providers with patient control and consent,
  • Audit and log reporting capabilities for CCM billing support.

ProVizion TCM

Transitional Care Management Service (TCM) requires a tight collaboration between the discharging and follow-up transitional care institutes. Zoeticx ProVizion TCM leverages EHR interoperability from Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform for the above collaboration. ProVizion TCM addresses the following critical capabilities:

  • Timely discharge detection with the ability to retrieve relevant patient medical data for the discharging healthcare institute
  • Simplified dashboard activities to address all TCM requirements for improved care providers’ efficiency and effectiveness.

ProVizion RPM

Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) supports the ability for providers to regular collect, analyze patient medical conditions with detailed physiologic measurements, complementing Chronic Care Management.

Zoeticx ProVizion RPM focuses on non-intrusive monitoring for elders, supported by smart notification alerts to providers on concerned medical conditions. Concerned medical conditions leads to swift actions from providers to slow down progression of chronic conditions.

Zoeticx ProVizion RPM, along with CCM, is supported as turnkey services, removing providers’ ramp-up challenges and risks:

  • Collaboration enables providers to delegate and outsource clinical staff for regular monitoring tasks,
  • Mobile care service offers convenient access and follow-up to elders,
  • And ‘plug-and-play’ monitoring devices enables the monitoring measurements to address patients’ personalized conditions (such as diabetes, asthma).

ProVizion BHS

Zoeticx ProVizion BHS (Behavioral Health Service) consists of three applications, covering all behavioral health treatment levels – Residential Treatment, Intensive OutPatient and OutPatient. The applications focus on Care Resource Planning, improving providers efficiency and productivity.

The applications support CARF Accreditation standard, both data and workflows. Zoeticx ProVizion BHS enforces policy at point of care, ensuring consistent outcome in compliance with behavioral health treatment standard.

The applications are integrated, supporting paperless, seamless and secure transitions between treatment levels and BHS organizations.

The applications are embedded with telehealth capabilities, enabling clients to attend treatment sessions remotely.

The applications maximize BHS organizations’ revenue through its inventory management, whether it is bed management for Residential Treatment or client attendance for Intensive OutPatient.