What We Do

Zoeticx focuses on Care Resource Planning solutions, improving care providers’ efficiency and effectiveness for preventive and behavioral health care. The integrated solutions support care continuum between medical and behavioral health.

Integrated Healthcare Platform

  • Zoeticx enables providers with health IT collaborative solutions
  • With strategic partners, Zoeticx supports convenient medical access, non-intrusive care monitoring coupling with providers’ swift actions on concerned medical events
  • Zoeticx breaks through traditional ‘brick and mortar’ health facilities for care delivery to rural and under-served population

Care Resource Planning Workflows

  • Pro-active care collaborative system among providers for preventive and behavioral health care
  • Right notification to the Right providers at the Right time for scalable providers’ bandwidth and best patient outcome
  • Remote medical access enabled with mobile care unit and telehealth capability improves patient outreach

How It Works

Zoeticx scales providers’ bandwidth in support for additional preventive and behavioral care services. Its collaborative workflows support medical access extension and non-face-to-face, telehealth care deliveries.

Leverage preventive and behavioral health service reimbursement

  • Zoeticx Integrated Healthcare Platform enables providers to deliver preventive care services with minimal impacts on current care operations
  • Net New Revenue to providers from Zoeticx turnkey, no upfront risk model
  • CARF compliance behavioral health solutions focus on providers’ efficiency and productivity

Patient-centered medical care model

  • Zoeticx establishes winning models for all healthcare stakeholders
  • Better care outcome and quality of life for patients, especially elders
  • Financial stability for providers from recurring preventive and behavioral revenues
  • Cost containment for health care payers from acute care cost savings


Integrated Healthcare Platform combines health IT solutions, providers’ resource extension, mobile and telehealth capabilities for care continuum

‘Win-Win-Win’ for all stakeholders

  • Patients – Better medical access, non-intrusive care monitoring and swift actions
  • Providers – Better resource planning, collaboration and no upfront risks
  • Payers – Cost containment by shifting high acute cost to lower preventive care services
  • Integrated Healthcare Platform – Bridging medical and behavioral health, enhanced with mobile and telehealth for better patient outreach

Zoeticx as a strategic partner in Improving Patient Outcome

  • Zoeticx is not a traditional health IT solution vendor but as strategic partner with all healthcare stakeholders
  • Integrated Healthcare Platform for bridging medical and behavioral health
  • Integrated Healthcare Platform for total healthcare improvement, connecting resource planning, mobile care units and telecommunication capability
  • Integrated Healthcare Platform for future healthcare solution expansion


Zoeticx solutions comply with CMS preventive care requirements, CARF standard behavioral health delivery

Financial sustainability

  • Leverage recurring CMS preventive care reimbursements
  • Care resource planning improves providers’ and clinical staff efficiency and effectiveness
  • Standard compliant ensures service and revenue continuity

Secure and standard compliance

  • Comply with all CMS preventive care requirements
  • Support behavioral health achieving CARF Accreditation
  • Zoeticx solutions are secure, cloud-deployed and HIPAA compliance