Zoeticx presents at mHealth Israel





Zoeticx was selected as a finalist and presenter at the mHealth Israel conference held – October 7th at the Rosenblatt Auditorium, at Tel-Aviv University.

The event was chaired by Prof. Shmuel Einav, Tel Aviv University, BioMedical Engineering; Head of Medical Technologies, CEWIT, State University of New York and superbly organized by Levi Shapiro (Partner, JIMMI Fund).

Well attended by innovators, Healthcare, IT & mobile professionals featuring an excellent set of speakers including a strong line up from US payors – Aetna (Rob Egan of Healthagen), Humana (Dr. Rajni Aneja ) & United Health (Pramod Gaur – Optum), who gave a very interesting perspective on the challenges insurers are facing and the uncertainty surrounding the implementation of “pay for quality” (particularly how do we track / score quality vs. service rendered?)



Throughout the day – the tag line “deluge of data” was used by multiple different speakers – and most of the innovations showcased at the event were centered on remote diagnostics and remote monitoring – begging the question Who will deal with all this new data? We constantly hear about the scarcity (and expense) of medical staff – trained Physicians and Nurses – yet the very people who provide us with medical services were suspiciously absent from most of the discussion and innovations and despite our best wishes we do not yet have the technology or AI to diagnose without a human in the loop.

I think this resonated very well with the Zoeticx presentation – the message of providing 21st century communication tools (mobile, tablet & smartphone) – intuitive UI that assembles and correlates data for the care provider from ANY source, together with closed loop communications (tracking, escalation, notifications and alerts) – in short giving the most critical link in the best tools to BETTER deal with the chaotic environment that exists today and serve as good infrastructure to integrate and assemble information from all of the new data sources envisioned, such as those presented at the conference.

Following up on the conference we received multiple requests for additional presentations.

Thank you mHealth Israel.