Zoeticx’s Patient-Clarity® for iPhone available on the Apple® App Store.

I am very pleased to announce the availability of Zoeticx’s Patient-Calrity® for iPhone on the Apple® App Store.

The iPhone application is the perfect companion app for Patient Clarity. Designed specifically for the iPhone it provides an “at a glance” capability – anywhere, any when. Combined with Zoeticx’s powerful workflow engine and active notification push technology – the iPhone allows the system to “reach out” and notify relevant care providers of a patient change of status or pending actions. To our application down-loaders – the application comes with a built in demo – so even if your hospital has yet to sign on with Zoeticx data services – you can experience the power of the user interface. Try it together with the iPad application to experience the full suite. If you like what you see contact us for a free webinar or to coordinate a on-site demonstration with your Hospitals’ management of the full system capabilities ! We welcome your feedback and input so don’t be shy let us know what you think. Many Thanks Alon Segal Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer – Zoeticx