Patient-Clarity Platform®

Eliminating the Gap Between Medical Data and Patient Care

While most of US healthcare institutes have been deployed with EHR system (Electronic Health Record), the lack of EHR interoperability has limited the progress towards innovative solutions aiming at addressing care providers’ need, mostly in operational care environment. A solution is required to overcome the lack of EHR interoperability, focusing on patient care continuum in a secure approach. Such solution must be low cost, easy to integrate and embeddable to any healthcare applications, whether they are operating on mobile devices or web portal. Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform is a middleware solution, designed to support next generation of healthcare innovative applications. It is a patient-centric platform, enabling patient medical information flow from diverse EHR sources, presenting patient medical data over the whole care spectrum, transforming passive patient medical data into actionable information. Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform is a low cost, lightweight, and embeddable to any 3rd party applications. The data architectural approach is based on SOA IaaS (Information as a Service) where data access is on-demand, and near time, most fitted to address operational care environment as well as avoiding any data duplication from deployed EHR systems.

Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform has built-in services, aiming at supporting healthcare application development needs.

Both SNS and HPS are protected by Zoeticx patent pending – DMMS® (Dynamic Medical Messaging System).

  • 1

    Value-added Medical Data Service (MDS)

    Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform enables patient medical information flow from diverse EHR systems on two fronts: support for patient care continuum, presenting an integrated patient view from multiple EHR sources and the ability to switch between multiple EHR sources to support a universal presentation of patient medical information to 3rd party applications. EMR gateways are components designed to transform proprietary EHR patient data into the uniformed patient medical data, freeing 3rd party applications from deployed legacy EHR sources
  • 2

    Smart Notification Service (SNS)

    Smart notification service offers the ability to specify patient medical condition(s) for a target triggered event notification to a specific provider on a timely manner. Such notification service has built-in escalation rule to track, follow-up and ensure a medical condition would get providers’ attention
  • 3

    Healthcare Process automation Service (HPS)

    To support collaboration and enhance communication among care providers to be embedded as part of healthcare applications, Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform is embedded with process automation workflow, coupling with SNS to ensure no medical activity is fallen through the crack
  • 4

    Telemedicine Collaboration Service (TCS)

    This service provides the ability to communicate and collaborate patient medical condition and support secure in-application message to enhance effective care providers’ communication
  • 5

    Personal health Directory Service (PDS)

    This service extends Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform to mobile device, to support mobile healthcare applications. Its aim is to provide personal patient medical data access to the mobile devices

Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform is an open architectural platform supported by open API access, capable of supporting both on-site or cloud deployments. The middleware platform is modeled basing on SOA, addressing healthcare needs – we refer it as Healthcare Oriented Architecture (HOA).

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