CareIntelligence Availability



JULY 18, 2013 – Zoeticx, Inc. announced today the general availability of CareIntelligence, the company’s first of five software modules planned for it’s Patient-Clarity® collaboration platform.

CareIntelligence is a cloud-based, mobile solution available for the

iPad® and iPhone® platforms. It is designed to improve efficiency and replace the paper-based nurse’s flow sheet in a way that seamlessly fits into the way Intensive Care Units (ICU) operate today without any change in how medical professionals care for their patients.

Caregivers can easily navigate through diagnostic information with an intuitive, visual Dynamic Patient Dashboard®, and view any aspect of a patient’s clinical status with a single tap of the screen. CareIntelligence presents this information in a time-correlated fashion for better diagnosis and treatment, and does so without the need to duplicate data, making your existing EMR solution the “single source of truth.”

In addition to visualizing patient data, CareIntelligence allows care providers to easily enter new diagnostic information, observations, and medical orders directly from the iPad and capitalizes on these devices’ speech recognition features, allowing voice entry. This information is immediately written back to the EMR database.

“The healthcare industry is hungry for technology enablers that help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide the highest quality patient care,” said Thanh Tran, Chief Executive Officer of Zoeticx. “CareIntelligence is just such an application – it’s technology that allows caregivers to put the patient back at the center.”

Patient-Clarity and CareIntelligence, as with all of Zoeticx planned product suite, are EMR-agnostic. Gateway technology allows all Zoeticx applications to connect to any EMR solution as well as any legacy systems on which hospitals may still rely.

Zoeticx hopes that solutions like CareIntelligence will ease the looming Paperless Transition at the end of 2014 as required by the Affordable Care Act and continue the continual efforts

of the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes.


Zoeticx was co-founded by Thanh Tran and AlonSegal, both veteran IT executives with the goal of creating a collaboration platform for the healthcare industry that would eliminate the gap between medical data and quality patient care.


Zoeticx mission is to continuously improve the quality of patient care, help curtail medical costs and simplify healthcare administration. Our goal is to promote patient-centric solutions that complement existing EMR deployments.