Zoeticx Opens its API to Third-Party Developers

Medical Record App Developers No Longer Need To Worry About Data Platform or Connectivity Zoeticx Opens its API to Third-Party Developers May 6, 2014; San Jose, Calif.Zoeticx, Inc., the developer of medical software that bridges the gap between medical data and quality patient care, today opened its application programming interface (API) to meet the demands of medical industry software developers wanting to build applications that require access to patient medical records.  Zoeticx’s publication of its API will provide medical app entrepreneurs with a multitude of benefits, from faster development and deployment to lower costs. Health record app developers will now be able to focus on their intellectual properties without concern for costly and time consuming connectivity to underlying data. The convenience of developer access to multiple EMR databases will reduce development time as data can be more quickly analyzed. App builders will also benefit from the substantial costs savings of building their application once and universally deploy to any platform, enabling faster market penetration.  Zoeticx also passes on additional costs savings by enabling developers to utilize its existing security features for safe deployments while development is streamlined by eliminating the need for any data duplication. Hospitals Can Save Millions in M&A Deals As the medical industry has seen an increase in medical facility mergers and acquisitions, concerns over incompatible EMR systems will no longer be an issue. Zoeticx enables easy integration of even the most proprietary, disparate legacy systems. This type of connectivity will save medical institutions millions in cost savings and end the practice of ripping and replacing IT systems.  IT resources spent monitoring the currency of multiple systems can be eliminated and deployed to other projects. Zoeticx Patient Clarity Server  The API resides within Zoeticx’s powerful Patient-Clarity server, utilizing Zoeticx Gateway technology designed specifically to seamlessly read and write to any EMR system. The server drives the collaborative “smart” hub for Zoeticx’s own suite of Care applications–CareIntelligence, CareSynergy, CareHistory and CareCompliance, developed with the Patient-Clarity server. “We recently introduced a Healthcare Open Architecture to bring long awaited EMR connectivity to medical professionals.  Now Zoeticx has opened its API so EMR developers worldwide can build apps once and deploy them anywhere, helping the medical industry bridge the gap between medical data and improved patient care,” said Thanh Tran, Co-Founder and CEO of Zoeticx.  “We look forward to working with third-parties and making it easy for world class apps to be launched for the betterment of medical patients across the globe.” Application developers can develop on any platform and license the PC server from Zoeticx. These products are engineered using the latest mobile, cloud, and SOA technology. Zoeticx, Inc. Zoeticx offers software solutions for the healthcare industry which are dedicated to Improving Patient Outcomes®, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and simplifying administration. These solutions offer an immediate increase in the quality of care by delivering the right information to the right caregiver at the right time, in a manner that can be easily understood. Additionally, as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, healthcare providers will face new challenges which arise whenever there is a transition from an old system of doing business to a new one. Zoeticx helps solve those challenges, allowing care providers to focus on what is most important, the patient. For additional information contact Glass Lantern PR at