Zoeticx Patient-Clarity Available on Apple® App Store

I am very pleased and excited to announce the availability of Zoeticx’s Patient-Calrity® for iPad on the Apple® App Store.

Patient Clarity - in App Store

Patient Clarity – in App Store

We at Zoeticx have been working diligently this past year to create a visually stimulating application that will enable Care-Providers to monitor and interact with their patient data – anywhere, any-when and have a system that can intelligently reach out to them when the data warrants action on their part.

There have been many contributors behind the scenes – and the resulting work is the labor of love from a dedicated staff of physicians, engineers an working together to solve real life (and life threatening) issues in modern health care. I can not thank all you enough for your hard work and efforts to get to this point. As any developer knows the public unveiling is both a major milestone and filled with some trepidation. Your “baby” is now out on it’s own. We look forward to seeing the impact Zoeticx Patient-Clarity will have on Care Providers using the system and the patient under their supervision.

All that will happen soon – Today we take a moment to enjoy the public unveiling of the application and a personal Thank you! to all involved in the project.

To our application down-loaders – the application comes with a built in demo – so even if your hospital has yet to sign on with Zoeticx data services – you can experience the power of the user interface.

Please do take the opportunity to sample the application, and to request a demonstration to your Hospitals’ management for the full system capabilities !

We welcome your feedback and input so don’t be shy let us know what you think.

Many Thanks

Alon Segal

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer – Zoeticx