How do I get my inter-campus and intra-campus EMR? Healthcare Open Architecture (HOA)

  Interoperability is at the core of a nationwide health IT program and although full compliance requiring the transition to electronic patient medical records is due by the end of 2014, the lack of interoperability is the area of greatest concern. The push for interoperability has been disruptive by squeezing the better, more nuanced, and more locally tailored systems at the expense of these bigger one-size-fits-all platforms. Alternatives to the single EMR vendor solution include either the duplication of patient data in separate database or relying on the HL7 standards protocol. Cost, disruption of service, complexity and data duplication are the biggest challenges facing healthcare tadalafil institutes in their quest to share patient medical information, while maintaining secure access in compliance of HIPAA. Zoeticx has relied on a proven approach used globally in the financial industry to insure interoperability, based on an open, standards based platform. Our Healthcare Open Architecture (HOA) platform includes the following components:

  1. ‘Sharing’ versus ‘Exchanging’: Near-time patient medical data access is critical for patient care and requires “on-demand” access to patient data while leaving EMR source as the single source of truth.
  2. Patient Medical Information: Our patient-centric data model is a universal is focused only on sharing medical data (vital signs, lab results,…) and not the broader data required to support the hospital’s operation such as billing, revenue management, etc. This patient-centric medical data model supports the universal access of patient medical data regardless of the source(s).
  3. Healthcare data bus: Mapping proprietary EMR data into the universal Patient Medical Information is supported by EMR gateways. This layer is the ‘connector’ from EMR solutions to the universal Patient Medical Information and insulates of proprietary EMR data from future applications.
  4. Proactive, Automated Information: To help insure superior care, any change in a patient’s condition needs to be sent to the appropriate caregiver. Our ‘push’ communication system is capable of sending notification / alerts to specific care providers with the salient medical information with built in escalation procedures to insure follow up.
  5. Secure access and Patient Medical Index: HOA transition from supporting interoperability within a healthcare system, to state to national level. During these transitions, additional layers are required for Secure Single Sign On, Patient Medical Index with a supported directory service capable of routing requests to / from the specific installations of EMRs.

The financial industry has proven that an open, standards based platform is required for interoperability while preserving data security. Our HOA platform provides these same capabilities to the healthcare industry. HOA