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Zoeticx Introduces ProVizion Behavioral Health Services App; Leads to Clinic CARF Accreditation

First Electronic Reporting, Monitoring and Tracking Tool for Behavioral Health Patients    

 (San Jose, CA; April 16, 2019)Zoeticx, Inc., the developer of preventive healthcare resource planning software, today announced its launch of the ProVizion Behavioral Health Services (BHS) cloud-based application that monitors and tracks patients’ behavioral health.  The ProVizion BHS software can also be used by clinics looking at Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) recognition which documents and comply with CARF requirements at point of care.

The ProVizion BHS software monitors the healthcare needs of those suffering from Substance Use Disorders, Co-occurring Disorder, and other behavioral health conditions and creates reports based upon specific criteria monitored by their providers.  The ProVizion BHS software is based on the Person-Centered Comprehensive Multidisciplinary concept, focusing on care collaboration among team members, within the health facility as well as engagement with other partner facilities. These enable healthcare institutions to optimize treatment and facilitate patient care planning.

Through the software’s inherent clinical analytical capability, practitioners can recognize treatment trends through descriptive characters such as symptoms, ethnicity, substances, and any other data points collected through the treatment phases. Reports focus on Care Report Planning, Evidence Based Reporting, Patient Care Progress, Trials and Errors and similar variables that can quickly be compiled and successful treatment plans built based on accurate, identifiable data.

Care providers can customize reports to identify at-risk patients, diagnose their care and treatment success. This will eliminate the need to rely on cumbersome PDFs that require creating, storing, updating between providers and transitioning between different care facilities.

The reporting capability of the ProVizion BHS software enables clinics to identify patient symptom commonalities and leverage those findings, facilitating patient treatment and avoiding resource consuming individual patient research. These types of reports can even be used for grant applications as well as community-focused treatment teams such as those involved in drug court programs.

“Today we raise the bar on behavioral healthcare and the quest for better patient outcomes,” said Zoeticx CEO Thanh Tran. “For the first time providers and patients can unite under a technology that bridges the gap between physical and behavioral health services. We look forward to providing a new level of treatment for addiction across the globe.”

CARF Accreditation Brings Benefits to Care Facilities

2-fold: 1 with the software that has built-in features to facilitate CARF accreditation and, 2, with the technical expertise of Zoeticx team members who assist Care Facilities to attain CARF accreditation.


Zoeticx ProVizion BHS software accelerates the documentation of policy and procedures required for CARF accreditation, i.e. it enables clinics to efficiently and effectively meet specific requirements in the planning, prioritization, implementation and ongoing evaluation of the services offered. Internationally recognized, accreditation from CARF is generally approved within six months from the date of the application submission. The Zoeticx ProVizion BHS software expedites the application preparation process. Individual state programs reimburse to clinics a fixed amount per patient over the course of their treatment. Care centers with CARF accreditation can treat clients who are covered by private insurance and Medicaid which results in substantially higher treatment payment from government (CMS) and private insurers such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  “CARF is the gold standard for behavioral health services, but their rules are stringent. By being able to meet their numerous requirements with software tools such as those offered by Zoeticx, care facilities can avoid the uncertainty of knowing if their application will be approved,” says Teresa Meehan, Ph.D., CEO, Integrated Behavioral Health Academy. “Insurers know that CARF accreditation ensures their reimbursement is being monitored and patients are being treated with maximum efficiency.”


CARF International, a group of companies that includes CARF Canada and CARF Europe, is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services.

First Deployment at Gallup, NM Substance Abuse Treatment Center

ProVizion BHS is deployed at the Rehobath McKinley Christian Health Care Services (RMCHCS) in Gallup, New Mexico, an integrated rural non-profit hospital system including behavioral health treatment options ranging from a 90-day residential treatment center to a step-down Intensive Outpatient Program to an Outpatient Mental Health clinic, all which provide wrap-around behavioral and physical health services for  a large community suffering from trauma-induced alcoholism, drug addiction and other mental health issues.

“Our residents will benefit greatly from these healthcare applications,” said David Conejo, CEO, RMCHCS. “We welcome the opportunity to be the first clinic in the U.S. with the capability to identify the root causes of addiction in the hundreds of clients we treat. We can now expedite treatment, provide more patients with a second chance with the additional care provided by the requirements of CARF. Conejo views the Zoeticx BHS cloud-based software to enhance clinical operations and sees the benefit of creating assessment-based reports that will help expedite treatment. He has 280 behavioral health patients who will benefit from the app and sees potential six figure cost savings.


ProVizion BHS Joins ProVizion Suite

The ProVizion BHS app joins the ProVizion suite of Care Resource Planning applications that enable care providers to effectively deliver preventive care services. Zoeticx offers a broad range of preventive care services – Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Zoeticx software solutions for the healthcare industry are dedicated to improving patient outcomes, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and simplifying administration. Zoeticx helps solve those challenges, allowing care providers to focus on what is most important: the patient.

About Zoeticx

Zoeticx offers software solutions for the healthcare industry which are dedicated to improving patient outcomes, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and simplifying administration. These solutions offer an immediate increase in the quality of care by delivering the right information to the right caregiver at the right time, in a manner that can be easily understood. Additionally, as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, healthcare providers will face new challenges which arise whenever there is a transition from an old system of doing business to a new one. Zoeticx helps solve those challenges, allowing care providers to focus on what is most important, the patient.

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